Who’s driving anyway?

The greatest delusion that we can maintain for ourselves is that personal freedom resides anywhere other than within. Personal freedom always rests in our hearts and mind. Sure, some external events and forces come in and shake up our life, but we have the choice of how you respond to those events. How are we going to show up? Who is the hero to the story we are telling yourself? (Or do we always find a villain?)
We might not have control over all that happens in life, but we do have control over how we respond to it. The key to personal freedom comes down to one-word responsibility. Are we taking responsibility, or do you deny it?
To answer that question, watch how you respond to the next unexpected event in your life. Is there resistance or acceptance? Freedom appears once we accept things right as they are.
Yes, we create the figurative shackles that bind you. We build all of our life (the good and the bad). Always creating, creating, and creating. We might not be aware that we are.
I am not suggesting that we can eliminate everything that you do not like. Nope, I am merely stating that we can use it, create around it, and transform it into the life we would like to live.
Own your life, accept it, and take on full responsibility. The shackles will drop. We may not control the traffic on life’s highway, but there is no reason we should not be in the driver’s seat.
As a dad (parent), it is best to model this behavior for your kids early and consistently. Not only will you be practicing a winning strategy for yourself, but you will be teaching an important lesson on how to approach the unpredictability of life’s journey.
Remember: Life does not happen to you. It happens through you. You create it and help it unfold. Be an active participant and help others do the same.

Love, Peace, and Harmony


Photo by Axel Antas-Bergkvist via Unsplash

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