“You have to be odd to be number one” – Dr. Seuss

For a great deal of my life, I was always looking to fit into one group or another, and well, that never really worked out for me in the long run. My personality naturally calls for this, but my heart screams against it.
Now that I am older, I can see things much clearer and without an emotional attachment. So out of this, there is a pillar of thought in my heart and mind that rings very true:

Conformity is the enemy.

Conformity cripples the path to an authentic life.

The authentic life is the most significant path for anyone. It is the most challenging and happiest pursuit there is. There is simply nothing as beautiful as a person pursuing authenticity in everything that they do. It does not even matter what they are doing. There is unique craftsmanship involved only they can bring into this world. It radiates and shines and does not concern itself with who “likes and subscribes.” It marches on in its beautiful way.

Authenticity is always creating.
Conformity is always trying to fit in.

Authenticity = celebrates creation and uniqueness.
Conformity = fixed, established, and someone else’s vision.

Now don’t get me wrong, I fit in all over the place. I blend in across a myriad of groups. Also, I am not a “non-conformist.” My focus is just different. I am more concerned nowadays with fully expressing my uniqueness to the world (and you should too). If that fits, it fits, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I don’t worry about it.
You see, authenticity is about attraction. Authenticity is the lighthouse that shines on whether or not anyone notices. While it shines, it is not concerned with anything other than shining the best that it can. As it shines, the right people will take notice and move into their life.
Conformity is the opposite. It is about trying to find their place in this world. This place is already established.
Create your place. Be authentic.
It took me 30+ years to figure this out. 30+!!! Hopefully, you get there faster than I. My main goal with this website to help Dad’s (anyone) pursue their authentic self. You have the greatness that no one else in the world has ever had (and never will!).
Pursuing the authentic self takes courage and perseverance. I work hard every day to tow this line. It’s challenging yet significant all at the same time.
Be authentic! It is far more important to push your uniqueness into the world than to worry about whether or not someone agrees or likes you.

Be Well


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