Friday Wake Up Call

This site is about waking up, taking control, and building the family life you envision. To me, everyone is asleep (including myself.) We are all sleeping and are at different stages of waking up. This site is devoted to helping cultivate a waking mind. A mind that can think on its own and grow is a mind that can positively impact its surroundings (kids and anyone you come into contact with).

Let’s get one thing out there: Waking up is hard to do. For the most part, if you are like me (or the average Joe/Jane), you will wake up for a moment, experience enlightenment, and then fall back asleep. It’s a vicious cycle. Waking up is not an end result. You won’t wake up and be able to automatically sustain it…mainly because we are human.

Enlightenment in life is about the journey. Step one is this: understand the “why” in each moment while focusing on experiencing it to its fullest. God/Truth/Love/Peace…whatever you want to call “IT” can only be found in the present moment.

Waking up can be very uncomfortable because it means we must challenge our thoughts. I have noticed that the hardest thoughts to change are the ones that I have always believed and never questioned. These are the ideas that we learned growing up; the ideas “mother culture” spoon-fed us. These deeply rooted thoughts keep us in line and inhibit our ability to create a unique/authentic life. Examine these thoughts as they come up, shine a light on them, and if they add true value to your life, keep them. If they do not hold value, cast them aside, and create better thoughts to live by.

Our work is never finished. However, it is deeply satisfying once you have some momentum.

On a train in 2002, I wrote the following poem on a cover of a book:

 “I am just a plow in a field, planting seeds, planting seeds. The gorgeous flowers that will grow yet even weeds, even weeds.”

The mind is fertile soil. We can actively work at cultivating the soil to bring forth flowers or allow it to produce on its own accord. If we don’t choose the content, our mind will fill with the weeds “mother culture” decides to plant. Regardless of whether or not we are consciously tending the soil, it WILL produce. The mind is always at work.

So let’s go forward and start pulling all the weeds that we don’t want in their place plant flowers and ideas worth living by. Work the soil and actively create. This is the true journey of life: to bring forth that which your individual self has to offer and share it with the world.

Wake up!


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