Beliefs are the Parables of the Mind

Don’t believe your beliefs.

What a statement, huh?! Everyone reveals their true nature through their past and their current actions. What drives people’s actions are the beliefs they hold onto about their life. But….Please don’t believe them.

Let’s build this from the floor up. Beliefs are those ideas you hold to be true in your mind and heart but cannot prove in the world. Beliefs are not facts. Beliefs are merely theories waiting to be proofed out. 

So what do I mean with don’t believe your beliefs? Simply this. Keep your mind open to the possibility that your beliefs might not be true. Keeping an open mind like this will allow for new data to come in to amend your beliefs and grow. I know this sounds really awful to many of you, especially if you are a fundamentalist (view my post on Authenticity).

Why is it so awful? (because it is going to make you think!)

Your beliefs are the security blanket of your mind. They are the assumptions about life that enable you to move forward. Beliefs fill the gaps in the mind to sleep at night, navigate our day, and not be paralyzed by fear of the unknown (like- why we are even on this earth?). So it becomes really awful that we would even question the beliefs that keep us sane….because essentially you are removing the mental security blanket with questions like: Is this true? Or can it be amended to a higher understanding?

(Besides awful, it can be really scary too. I once read a book (The Story of B) that removed a huge pillar of belief from my mind. I didn’t know who I was for a few days, but I knew I could never go back! Hooray for enlightenment…that’s the way of it)

Don’t believe your beliefs. They are just stories for guidance.

How will this help you? You will grow as a person. You will learn to adapt and amend when higher knowledge comes in. This is also a great way to model how to be a thinking person for your child. (Champion Dads cultivate authentic thinking children)

Those who keep a fixated belief system without questioning are stagnant, closed to life, and severely disables their own growth/enlightenment. Not only that, but they cripple their personal creative power in this world.

What I am not saying is to get rid of your beliefs. We all have them and are required to live and navigate a healthy life. Keep them but allow them to grow with you on your journey. In other words, hold onto them as long as they work or serve a purpose. Let them go when they are no longer useful.

Don’t believe your beliefs. They are just a tool to help you go about your day and build your life…always feel free to upgrade new tools when life is trying to teach you something.

Or to be EVEN MORE redundant, let’s sum this up to another way: Beliefs are merely the parables of the mind. It does not matter if they are “true” or not. What matters is that they help facilitate wonder, curiosity, and point the way when needed.

Don’t believe your beliefs but feel free to enjoy the story.


Photo by Joshua Earle via Unsplash

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