Agent of Change

The posts on this site often are meant to be a catalyst or an agent of change in the reader’s life. Every post on Be a Champion Dad got its start from ideas and actions that we, the writers, are learning and working on. 

Today I ask that you be an agent of change in your own life. Instead of going about your day waiting for something or someone to come by and inspire, I ask that you be the inspiration. Be the catalyst of change by taking one thing that you wish could be better and take a step in the direction to bring it forth.

“Create what you want to see in the world” –Jeanine Fitzgerald.

I am not talking about moving mountains but rather about making a small change today to build to a better tomorrow that you envision in your heart/mind. Some examples are as follows:

*Set a goal. Any change starts with a goal in mind. When you know your destination, you are more likely to take action and get there.

*Be happy. Happiness needs no reason. We are all responsible for our own happiness. However, so many people allow external circumstances or conditions to determine their mental state. The truth is everything starts from within and not the other way around. Happiness is a choice and does not rely on the external…unless you allow it to. Grab that steering wheel!

*Smile. This goes hand in hand with happiness. How many people do you see smiling as you navigate your day? Odds are not too many. Don’t be one of those people. Smiling is a great way to change your own mood and is a powerful way to help others open up and do the same. Smile- it may feel silly, but it does transform. Do it and observe. Your kids will mirror this behavior faster than anyone else!

*Develop a new relationship.  Success in life happens through your relationships. Often whom you know will shape future opportunities. Reach out to someone who you have never dealt with before and begin a conversation. Pick someone of interest or that you have admired from a distance. You will be amazed at the doorways that open when a new relationship is forged. This one is a little adventurous but will provide the most reward.

This post’s main point is to bring awareness to this powerful but easy truth: Life responds immediately to those who take aggressive action or stance. Now I don’t mean aggressive in a negative way, but simply boldly assertive. Life is always interactive. The more proactive one can be, the more life works to respond in kind. Success happens most to those who have chosen their outcome and drive towards it to shape their tomorrow. So have fun today and make a small change in your life. You just may be amazed where that new rabbit hole (change) will take you.

Be Well


Photo by Mehuldave via Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Agent of Change

  1. I love this! I love the points and think that any of them can be applied each day AND throughout the day! It’s important to never forget that it’s never to late it the day to reset and “start over”. It could be an atrocious day at work but on your way to pick your children up from school, take that moment to smile, practice some gratitude and change the rest of your entire day! Thanks for your work! I love reading it!

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