Champ Dads..The Marvel Way

While rummaging through my old book collection, I came across one of my most cherished books when I was a kid: How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way. 

As soon as I saw it, I was once again captivated by the possibilities contained within. I immediately searched for the page in the picture above (please take a moment to read it). This section spoke to me back then and spoke to me know. It has to do with how to draw a typical hero and how to draw a villain.

When I was younger (and even now), everyone wanted to root for and cheer for their favorite hero! However, when it comes to drawing a hero..well if you have drawn one, you have drawn them all. Yet, villains are a different story. Although we love to hate them, that is where all of the creative fun can be found. This conveyed to me a very important lesson to be learned:

-It is our unique imperfections that provide ALL of our opportunity for growth in life-

Let me unpack this a little bit (or should I say draw a complete picture). If we didn’t have all of our shortcomings, flaws, and weaknesses, we would not have a mountain to climb. Having our struggles to overcome paves the way to growth and accomplishment. There is no happy ending if there isn’t something to overcome. Tragedy leads to victory. Just watch any of the latest Marvel movies that have come out.

Returning to the book, Stan Lee points out (my words not his): perfection is boring, formulated, and easy. Yet flawed characters…YIPPEE…time to have some fun. Now, I am strictly speaking about drawing characters here. Since heroes generally have to look the same, writers provide them a flaw when storytelling, so they are relatable and likable (Superman…kryptonite..DC I know..forgive me). Flaws give us something to root for in another and something to work on within ourselves. With this being said, here is another habit I am personally working on:

-Learn to love and embrace your imperfections. They are what make you unique and wonderfully you. You can only change something that you have accepted. You will know when you have accepted it when there is no shame, guilt, or blame present- 

To finish out this post, I would like to use the Marvel theme, twist it a little, and apply it to Champion Dads:

Champion Dads are where all the fun is. We are not perfect. We come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, cultures, and backgrounds. We strive to be better every day for our family, friends, and society. While we might not ever be perfect, we exercise giving grace within and withoutWe do the best that we can with what we have got, and when all else goofy. We recognize that victory is not realizing a goal but rather found in how we cultivate and nourish the journey.

Be well


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