Unplug: Be Your Own Compass

I have too much of everything. TOO MUCH…EVERYTHING!

I have too much to do, too much to remember, too much to worry about, too many responsibilities….need I go on? Yes, one more: too much external stimulus.

My life feels like Time Square in NY….Traffic racing around, the noise so loud I can’t hear myself think, and advertisements galore begging to pull my attention….just a paralyzing stream of garbage keeping me from what matters most.

Here is a little fact:

The average American view anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements in one day! This number has dramatically increased since the advent of the smartphone.

Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you something or make you feel something to consume more.

All of these messages stack up and wreak havoc on your brain. Don’t believe me? Here is another little stat for you:

Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.—43.8 million, or 18.5%—experiences mental illness in a given year.

When I went through my depression, that number was 1 in 8 (the year 2000) in their lifetime. What a terrible trend and I attribute it to the constant stream of crap that we are exposed to, telling us who to be, what to buy, and how to feel. Screw that.

I believe humans were just not meant to consume so much stimulus and expect to function normally. Our brains can only think and process things at a particular rate, so it makes sense that most of us are beginning to experience serious mental fatigue and illness.

Yesterday, I was burning out…every time I tried to start something, I was interrupted and felt a wave of anxiety because my to-do list was too long. The heavy mental weight was crippling. So I stopped and wrote out my Why (Bliss/inner urge) in life. In front of me, now is the scrap of paper that I used, and it reads:

“I have a job to do here, and it is bigger than (but infiltrates) what I get paid for doing. This job should be at the core of every moment, every action I take up. Who can I help today become a better version of themselves? Who can I help move closer to love (infinite source of all things)? Cultivate the environments! Cultivate relationships!”

This is just a draft, but it provides me direction. I read it, and it suffices. It is hard to ascribe words to this feeling. However, when we have direction and know our goal, we can stay on point and tune out the noise.

How many know WHY they are here? There is an answer to this question! And we can discover it within (it cannot be given to you by another). When we follow this bliss, it is much easier to shrug off and turn down the noise of the world. The journey does not get easier, but there is peaceImagine the peace of mind as you take on the day. Following your bliss also has a great side-benefit: energy and passion.

Too many of us are lost in the Time Square of life…aimlessly wandering…hoping to make it through the day.

Please go out and find your Why and build your life around it. When you tease this out over time, you can take control of the wheel and pull yourself out of the traffic.

The only way I have found to do this truly is to unplug from the world. I go for a walk or get into nature. I need to remind myself constantly to listen to my heart and not what mother culture is pumping into me. My (Your) true voice is there waiting to be heard. This voice is unique to each of us. This authenticity is our reason to be here, our job. Turn off the noise and listen…

Our inner voice, our inner urge/bliss, is waiting. As we learn to tune into that frequency…turn it up. The world needs more of our authenticity instead of another distracted drone.

Be well


Photo by Danial Barbarics via Unsplash

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