Ask the Forbidden Questions…It’s Ok!


Several recent conversations inspired this post with various friends (those folks reading this will undoubtedly remember them). I will leave the edge in this post because it appears that life is pushing this one forward into the world…yes, serendipity feels to be at play here. So with that being said, I hope you keep an open mind if you feel that I am stepping on your toes….this post is a wake-up call to anyone living their life through a fear-based ideology. It is time to examine your fear and start to live your life through love instead….truth, love, and…God cannot be found through fear. Because…well…that is not how it works. These things can only be found by profoundly knowing what is in one’s own heart…not through what you are told to say, do, believe. (I should end the post here, but I will unpack it anyway, LOL!)

So what forbidden questions am I referring to? Hmmmm…let’s see:

Why am I really here? What really is my purpose? Is my purpose what my heart tells me or what my faith (or family, friends, society) tells me it should be?….. Does God exist? Why am I going or not going to church? Is dogma the way, or is it simply getting in the way? Does it matter if the good book is historically accurate? What if the good book is only stories?

Why are these the forbidden questions? Because when you ask them, you no longer conform to all the beliefs you have been told to believe. You become a rogue. You become independent. You become a person who has taken a step towards authenticity. You have begun the hero’s journey.

I believe everyone needs to take this journey. The hero’s journey is the ultimate journey in faith.

It is ok to question all of the stuff you believe. I have found the hardest beliefs to question are the ones that were force-fed to you by your family, community, religion.

I am not saying don’t go to church or don’t believe in your version of God. What I am putting forth is this: You should know why you personally do these things…Why they are true for you. If you do not have a pure and personal answer to this…If you do these things to get into heaven or to avoid hell…If you do these things because you were told to do them….then I may ask you how your personal fear based prison feel? It is time to pardon yourself and break free.

Obedience is not the pathway to God, enlightenment, or love. The pathway is through your heart…through your unique calling.

Ask forbidden questions. Find the truth in your heart. Drop the shackles of fear and live in love. Live boldly, having faith in the voice inside. Exemplify that wonderful calling in your heart.

Let me reassert: It is impossible to find love through fear. Love is only found through profound acceptance of the self, other people, or of the circumstance.

The divine is a personal experience. It happens to all of us in our own unique way. What works for some does not work for others. We are all different, and we are spoken to in our own way. Learn to listen to that voice in your heart. That is the path home.

Mindlessly doing dogma ritual does not work if you do not know in your heart why you are there. I know people who faithfully go to church every Sunday out of fear of condemnation. How sad…

Yet I also know others who go to church because it is pure inspiration for them. Their heart sings there….that is what it is meant to be!!!

The path of an authentic life is not one of conformity. The hero’s journey is made by developing an unbreakable relationship with the divine unmanifested in one’s heart. To listen and be courageous enough to follow your own bliss. It is the hero’s job to stand strong in their convictions and bring forth into this world what their heart needs to create. The hero does not worry about judgment or condemnation. We are deaf to the calls of fear and anger. We have a laser focus on what matters most: Love, Learning, Creation. We march on, not worried who follows while blissfully singing our own tune.

Have fun this Sunday doing what the hero does in every moment…every second of the day: Know and live your truth. 

Be well


Photo by Shane Rounce via Unsplash

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