A Few Thoughts To Chew On…

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending another two-day training session with Jeanine Fitzgerald. Whenever I attend one of these training pieces on education & parenting, I am amazed at how strong my soul lights up. The distilled wisdom and the practical application of the material is phenomenal. After clearing it with Jeanine, I will post some of the keynotes that I took down (past and present).

These notes that I present below will not be unpacked. They are for you to connect within your own way. These have come from various training days I have spent with her.

Hopefully, some of these thoughts or raw notes will inspire you to take action, think about things in a new way, or open your heart/mind.

*Note: In live training classes, I am writing as fast as possible while trying to conceptualize the material. These notes are presented just as I was able to take them down.


Help others draw out their own wisdom. A person can’t get their wisdom from someone else. Only life experience can give this.

You cannot get the most out of someone where emotional safety is not present.

Change comes through a change in mindset. Lasting change happens through the heart, which backs the mind.

Come to the moment as clean as you can so you can be there for how the moment needs you. Let go of your bias.

The best thing to do is whatever reaches the heart and mind of the child (person).

The two most important days of your life: The day you were born, and the day you discover why. The why provides significance.

Fear must be faced. It is our job to give them the tools to face it.

We (and children) always will follow that which makes us feel significant.

Face your fears, or they will blossom into anxiety or disorders. Anxiety turns into narcissism.

The goal is not for the parent to win but to teach them to become better at who they already are. 

Play for your children does not have a product…it is just a process. Immerse yourself/kids/families in nature.

Get connected with the heart. Don’t adultify the child…listen and encourage them to continue their story.

It is our job to see through the eyes of the child, not make the child see through ours.

The root of the challenge is found in their story. Let them tell it. Learn their story! This is where resiliency is found. 

Behaviors are always an end product, while thoughts and emotions run current. Behavior is a symptom of an unsolved problem or unmet need. Stop talking about problems…shift the dialogue and talk about solutions.

You don’t want to give learning. You want to draw it out. Let them do the heavy lifting. Please don’t take away their struggle as that is where learning is done.

Be well


Photo by Greg Rakozy via Unsplash

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