Sacred Time: A Pillar For Mental Wellness

How many of us live a life of busy? How many of us lead our days by giant to-do lists? How many of us feel the weight of mental clutter that busy creates. 

How many of us have sacred time just dedicated to taking care of the self. Sacred time so pure and important that you allow no one to disrupt it?

If you are part of the first line of questions, chances are you are racing from one thing to the next. Chances are you in a constant state of stress. Coping as best you can while life keeps piling on more items to do, worry about, and obsess about.

It is time for us to stop this pattern. It is time for us to break free of the cluttered mind chasing the unattainable. It is time for us to stop and gain better optics momentarily.

The cluttered mind if full of anxiety and discontent….but, how do we evolve this? Sacred space. We must create a personal sacred space that we hold in the highest regard.

A few years ago, I stiffed armed the world, life, my to-do list, and made time for myself. This time is in the morning for me. I wake up at 4:30 every morning alive and (for the most part) ready to go. When I wake at this time, I know that no one else is foolish enough to wake with me…so I have two hours of straight time! Over the course of the last two years, I have discovered much:

1. I can prep for the day and get all my ducks in a row. It is amazing how getting everything ready (physically and mentally) can create a smooth flow to the day. I am and feel prepared. Chance and luck favor the prepared mind.

2. My mind can stop racing and slow down. When my mind slows, I can see things as they are instead of loaded with all of the urgency I have placed on them. I am clear-minded and can place the correct level of importance on each item. Sacred time allows deep connection with life to form and helps the mental traffic to slow.

3. I can breathe and allow my little voice or intellectual mind to shut up. Yes, if you are like me, it needs a break. When this happens, the wonderful world of mystery opens. What do I mean by mystery? Well, I could use words like enlightenment, higher power, connectivity just as easily. When the beautiful sense of mystery takes hold in your heart again, where you can hear the call, wellness begins to shape. When the ego shuts up, we can begin to see the connectivity of all things.

4. I can actually feel and process out my emotions. When I feel and get into my emotions, I realize that I can move through them and move on. Moving on is the key here because I used to either not feel or get stuck in it. Process and move on so you can open up to what the universe has in store for you. Sacred time allows you to hit the reset button and start with a clear heart and mind.

Push back against the world and stake a claim on your time! To start, carve out a half hour…then build from there. Turn off the distraction. This is not a time for TV, Phone, Tablet, Texting, Email. This is quiet reflection time where you can be YOU and allow the ego to rest. The brain will settle and clear itself. This is a skill that needs to be practiced…just like everything else we learn to do.

There is nothing wrong with a busy life at the end of the day, so long as we are busy with the right things.

I challenge you to give yourself space in your day. I think that if you do, you will realize that life isn’t just a to-do list…IT IS FUN, EXCITING, AND AWESOME!

Be well


Photo by Mārtiņš Zemlickis via Unsplash

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