Too Busy to Arouse Your Soul

When you look at your day, how many times do you think or discuss how busy you are? I hear it every day. Sometimes it is me, and sometimes it is others.

“I am so busy.” 


“I have too much stuff to do.”

Or the worst of it:

“I never have any time for myself.”

What are we really saying here? There is a part of me that knows all too well what this really means. When my mind has clarity, I read it to mean this:

Being busy is a signal that you are doing the meaningless. The meaningless is hollow actions or actions that are mere distractions from a purpose.

When being busy hits my day where I feel overwhelmed, the voice in my heart whispers…“why are you wasting your time?” Or “Isn’t there something else more important you could be doing?”

These thoughts stink and are deeply frustrating…because I’m not too fond of The Meaningless Hollow.

There are two ways that I have found on how to handle these situations. The first one is a mere band-aid to silence the voice and the second one takes some deep work.

1. Focus squarely on the busy work as an artist painting a masterpiece. Take special care while wading in the drudgery. Think of a job well done. Think of the impact it may have on others. Overall, maintain integrity with the task. Get through it right and move on.

But when that one fails, as it inevitably does…

2. Find a quiet space outside with no distractions. Put away the phone. Sit or walk and allow your mind to unwind. While your mind jib jabs along, do not judge the output. Just let it run out…and it will (could take a while). From a settled state, ask:

“Why am I here?”


“How can I give my life in a meaningful way?”

These questions, the Big Ones, no one, and nothing can provide the answer to you. It would be best if you discovered these on our own. This is called the Hero’s Journey.

If you practice this, over time, you can cultivate a life of actions where you will always feel like you are right where you need to be. You will never feel busy…but you may always look busy. It is the path to purpose.

Those lucky enough to find the answer to “Why” they are here are full of life, fully present, while giving themselves completely to the moment. They don’t complain of too busy. They do. They are in a joyous state. Their life is their masterpiece.

Let’s work to become one of the joyous heroes. Drop the distracted, busy life in search of fleeting happiness. Build character within to listen to your heart and game plan with your mind.

Or are you simply too busy?

Be well


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4 Silent Lies From Mother Culture

I was listening to an interview with Mark Brooks (author of The Second Mountain), and I was captivated by his take on today’s society. According to Mark, we live in a time of hyper-individualism. Our society suffers from a crisis of connection and a crisis of solidarity. I agree, as we all see it and all feel it. We have incredible technology to make connecting easier than it has ever been before. Yet, it has created just as many boundaries as it has brought us in touch with each other.

One idea that emerged from Mark’s speaking is this:

Happiness cannot be achieved alone or on an individual level. It can only happen with others and building/creating with others.

I would take this one step further. Happiness is just one of the six emotions that, like all emotions, is fleeting. Happiness is not a destination to achieve and is not sustainable. What is attainable? Joy and contentment.

When you center your life around building relationships, where the focus is not on yourself but serving your connections, joy, and contentment are found.

All of life is about relationships. Then the question becomes, how are you serving your relationships?

Mark also listed four common lies that cripple our ability to build a joyful life. These are silent lies that are carried out in our society. Hopefully, after reading the list below, you can pull these dysfunctional weeds from your life and get on to joy.

1. Career success leads to lasting fulfillment. I know this one on a very personal level and know-how sneaky this lie can be. Careers are an individual pursuit. Once hit, the targets move and ask for you to hit it again and again and again. You may find a smidge of happiness here and there, but ultimately you are just chasing the horizon. How do you change this lie? Begin to try to find all the ways your work helps others in their life. If you cannot locate the connection, perhaps it is time to reassess your situation.

2. I can make myself happy. I used to think this one was true. Perhaps many of you may think the same thing…but guess what? Whenever I try to prove it right, it ends up that there was somebody else there. Somebody I was relating to that fueled the happiness. Achievements in life are great but are completely hollow if you can’t share the victory. Think about this one in your own life…I bet the lasting joy was only found with others and not solely by yourself.

3. You are not a soul to be saved but a set of skills to be maximized. The first part of this one I would alter (based on my philosophical views) to read be cultivated. The second part is spot on. How often do we show up at work to be asked, “What were your numbers yesterday?” Or, “Just work smarter, not harder, to get more done.” There is no lasting fulfillment there…like number one above, it is pure B.S….garbage….a lie. The real question I would like to be asked each day (which I ask myself every night) “How many people did you help grow today?”

4. People who have achieved a lot more are smarter and are, therefore, more valuable. This is a villainous lie that I think we all feel and create a lot of self-shame around. This one has crushed me time and time again…mostly this lie has come about through my own little voice in my head. All those negative thoughts that crop up in your noggin stem from this lie. Guess what? I don’t care what you have achieved or not achieved: YOUR LIFE IS VALUABLE AND WORTHWHILE. Judge yourself on the relationships you keep, not your individual achievements. Relationships are eternal…achievements are fleeting at best.

As we wrap this post up, I want to leave you with one additional quote from Mark:

“Happiness is the expansion of self, whereas Joy is the breaking down barriers and becoming one with other things.”

Relationships are where contented life resides.

Be well


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Dreams, Creative Action and Surrender

I love watching the determination in my children’s eyes. My son is very physical in his pursuits. When we bought a basketball hoop, he spent hours working on his shot. He did not want to come in until he could consistently make a shot. That was all that he thought about. My daughter loves writing and drawing. I cannot make her move away from her drawing until it is just perfect and all colored in. Although, at times, inconvenient, their determination is really amazing. Kids figure out what they want, and they work at it until it is in their hands. Adults, well, we are a very different story.

Adults too often think themselves out of a goal...or they get complacent while enjoying life comfortably. How do I know this so well? I have seen it unfold over and over again in my life. Yep, me. I would set out a goal or a dream…think it through and see all of the obstacles and conclude that…things are good enough as is.

That is the poison of being comfortable. A goal is sacrificed, so we do not have to change or experience hardship.

Thankfully, my kids don’t have a sense of this yet. They are not worried about hardship. They are blind to the process, and it doesn’t phase them in the least. They see what they want and work like the dickens to make it a reality. It is beautiful to watch, and I miss having that be my default (I have to schedule focus time, believe it or not).

What I find so energizing to my children’s approach is that they surrender to the process. They set their mind and heart to something, and they march towards it. They are not thinking about the hardship involved, how many times they will fail, or how long it may take. Long story short…they don’t overthink it…they take action. All the while, they are at peace with the exploring, failing, learning, adjusting, and growing.

This is what surrendering to the process does: It brings the mind a measure of peace so it can get out of the way while we take action. It also allows the world to move in and fill in the gaps.

If you have a dream in your heart…

If you know, you can experience more…

If you know that you can create more…

Then it is time to start building the bridge to your dream. Stop thinking and over analyzing it…make a commitment and start marching.

That is how life works…the world only becomes magnetized when we take action. Life favors and responds to those who create out of their being.

Once you have set your sights and married yourself to the goal/dream, let go and surrender to the journey. Then put in the hard work. Remain open and flexible to what life gives you.

I liken this to a game of tetherball. Our intention is the ball. Our dream is the pole. Our commitment is the rope that ties the two together. This game cannot be won unless we hit that ball repeatedly. Life acts as our teammate or opposition moving the ball back and forth as it wraps around the pole (this is where we remain open and flexible). If your conviction and actions are strong enough, eventually, the ball and pole will meet.

What is your life are you tethered to? What dream is waiting to be dusted off and achieved?

Let’s mitigate overthinking and instead focus on taking creative action until we experience the dream.

Be well


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Father’s Day Reflection

I saw this poem (below) a few weeks ago and it really rang true in my heart. It was anonymously penned and it epitomizes what a Champion Dad is.

I have often thought that if I took all the words out of my parenting, my children would still learn all that they need by what my wife and I show them. We (all of us) are always leading by example. Everything we do, they pick up…they are sponges to our ways.

At the end of the day remember: The pathway to your child’s heart/mind is built on their feelings of personal significance. Help them see and cultivate their inner hero.

So for this Father’s Day, I wish you a day of gratitude, love, and joyous reflection.

Be well


“A careful man I want to be —

a little fellow follows me.

I do not dare to go astray,

for fear he’ll go the self-same way.

I cannot once escape his eyes.

Whatever he sees me do he tries.

Like me he says he’s going to be —

that little chap who follows me…

He knows that I am big and fine —

And believes in every word of mine.

The base in me he must not see —

that little chap who follows me…

But after all it’s easier,

that brighter road to climb,

With little hands behind me —

to push me all the time.

And I reckon I’m a better man

than what I used to be…

Because I have this lad at home

who thinks the world of me”

Boredom is a liar

My five-year-old son started using a word that is really offensive to my ears: Bored.

“Dad, I am bored.” Or “Daddy, this is boring.”

I know that he picked this up from school because we don’t use this word in our household. Sadly, he uses it in the correct context. So from that, I know he has a good understanding of what it means. Still, I wouldn’t say I like it. Good for his grammar but bad for his attitude.

Boredom is a word I have never had much use for. Yes, I have experienced it, but I have not allowed the experience to define me or become habitual. Being bored screams that we see the world as fixated. Boredom is a lot like sleepwalking. Sure, you are up and moving around, but you are not with it and miss the magic. Boredom is a signal that we have to get off our ass and look at things from a new perspective.

When I was in early high school, my best friend and I used to sit on his back porch and dream up ways that things have never been done before. We did this because we were bored of feeling bored. We would look at routine things and come at it from absolute ridiculous angles. An example I remember we came up with: I will eat this taco from the middle bottom. We would laugh ourselves sick deliberately doing things in an asinine way for amusement. What a great time we had even when we got covered with taco innards by being silly. On another day, we played backyard baseball, swinging the bats upside down. We learned a lot about how hard it was to hit the ball with the handle side of the bat…you know…just in case we had to do it in a game.

Boredom chokes the present moment. Boredom is a condition of the brain that states there is nothing new to see here. So how does one break the chokehold of boredom?


Creativity is the exit sign to a life of boredom. Creativity opens a gateway of possibility for the mind.

The simplest way to go from boredom to creativity is to ask your mind (or child) a question. The brain is built to solve and will instantly jump on the opportunity to create.

The simplest questions work best. For task-related things, you may ask: What is another way I can do this? For situations where others are involved, you may ask: How can I make this person smile? Or, I wonder what this person is thinking (or feeling) at this moment?

The reason for this post comes down to this. Boredom is a terrible state of mind to be in. Every moment of the day contains magic in it if we remember to ask or look.

Think about this:

Your life is the first attempt. No one has ever had your attributes, challenges, and possibilities. You have never been done before….and neither has anyone else.

Life is always creating itself new. Things may seem the same or feel steady and fixated but don’t be fooled. The world, your life, is always in constant flux.

Creativity is the gateway to vitality and a life well-lived. If boredom is creeping in on you (or your child), it is time to ask better questions.

What can you create a little different today? Who can you connect with to break your static view of who they are? How can you approach today with renewed novelty that all things are not as our boredom has assumed?

Hmmm, I wonder how many different ways are there that I can drive into work?

Be Well


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Never Tip The King!

Lately, I have been reflecting on this site and what it really means to be a Champion Dad. I have read through all the posts I am contented to report that the messages are consistent with the original intent:

“This site was created for the dad who wants to be the best dad they can be.

This site is about becoming the Champion Dad your kids already believe you are.

This site is also about being the best person, relative, friend, employee, citizen, competitor…..well you get the idea…the best “it” you can be.

Moreover, this site focuses on life strategy.”

The above wording is directly from our About page. Today I would like to extend it a little further…add a little more zing to it…a little more attitude. So here we go:

This site is also about being a kick-ass dad! Ideas are presented to help the reader drop their self imposed shackles. There is no reason, NO REASON, that we can’t wake up each morning with unmitigated reverence and zest for life.

Listen, life can be a cruel taskmaster if you let it be. Nothing is ever easy. There are no handouts here, as it is all one lesson after another. If you fail to learn the lesson, it will continue to appear a little harder in another eventuality down the road. That is simply the way of it.

Yet, that is why we are here. That is why I am writing this…That is why you are reading this. We have victories waiting to be won. We have failures waiting to teach us. We have loving relationships to build. We have stories to share.

Embrace it all, accept it all…then move the mountains. Do the work and clear the path. The Champion Dad’s work is all internal. Sharpen your mind.

We can get control of ourselves. We can employ strategies to live healthy, strong, and joyful lives. We have the power and resiliency to build and practice the life we envision for ourselves. It is there waiting for us to focus on and make it a priority.

Life is a struggle, and nothing will ever take that away for good. Yet we can wake up and start new each day. Each day is our second chance to do a little better than before, love and accept others more broadly, and fight the good fight for our core values.

If you live your life with no motivation and wake up with no gas in the tank, that is truly troubling. Don’t waste another moment drowning in the backwater of your own life! Swim out of it! Find a way to get back into the current and then use it to advance you forward instead of beating you down. Get tough! Get inspired! Discover the novelty of life again. Get comfortable with the uncertainty that life brings you. Get comfortable that you might not know all the answers….get comfortable with the struggle. The magic of life lies in the heart of the struggle. Above all: keep working on it…get out there and kick some ass. Keep your chin up and progress forward.

Just get out there and be the best damn dad you can possibly be. Our children need it…the world needs it.

Be well my friends.


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