Never Tip The King!

Lately, I have been reflecting on this site and what it really means to be a Champion Dad. I have read through all the posts I am contented to report that the messages are consistent with the original intent:

“This site was created for the dad who wants to be the best dad they can be.

This site is about becoming the Champion Dad your kids already believe you are.

This site is also about being the best person, relative, friend, employee, citizen, competitor…..well you get the idea…the best “it” you can be.

Moreover, this site focuses on life strategy.”

The above wording is directly from our About page. Today I would like to extend it a little further…add a little more zing to it…a little more attitude. So here we go:

This site is also about being a kick-ass dad! Ideas are presented to help the reader drop their self imposed shackles. There is no reason, NO REASON, that we can’t wake up each morning with unmitigated reverence and zest for life.

Listen, life can be a cruel taskmaster if you let it be. Nothing is ever easy. There are no handouts here, as it is all one lesson after another. If you fail to learn the lesson, it will continue to appear a little harder in another eventuality down the road. That is simply the way of it.

Yet, that is why we are here. That is why I am writing this…That is why you are reading this. We have victories waiting to be won. We have failures waiting to teach us. We have loving relationships to build. We have stories to share.

Embrace it all, accept it all…then move the mountains. Do the work and clear the path. The Champion Dad’s work is all internal. Sharpen your mind.

We can get control of ourselves. We can employ strategies to live healthy, strong, and joyful lives. We have the power and resiliency to build and practice the life we envision for ourselves. It is there waiting for us to focus on and make it a priority.

Life is a struggle, and nothing will ever take that away for good. Yet we can wake up and start new each day. Each day is our second chance to do a little better than before, love and accept others more broadly, and fight the good fight for our core values.

If you live your life with no motivation and wake up with no gas in the tank, that is truly troubling. Don’t waste another moment drowning in the backwater of your own life! Swim out of it! Find a way to get back into the current and then use it to advance you forward instead of beating you down. Get tough! Get inspired! Discover the novelty of life again. Get comfortable with the uncertainty that life brings you. Get comfortable that you might not know all the answers….get comfortable with the struggle. The magic of life lies in the heart of the struggle. Above all: keep working on it…get out there and kick some ass. Keep your chin up and progress forward.

Just get out there and be the best damn dad you can possibly be. Our children need it…the world needs it.

Be well my friends.


Photo by via Unsplash

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