Dreams, Creative Action and Surrender

I love watching the determination in my children’s eyes. My son is very physical in his pursuits. When we bought a basketball hoop, he spent hours working on his shot. He did not want to come in until he could consistently make a shot. That was all that he thought about. My daughter loves writing and drawing. I cannot make her move away from her drawing until it is just perfect and all colored in. Although, at times, inconvenient, their determination is really amazing. Kids figure out what they want, and they work at it until it is in their hands. Adults, well, we are a very different story.

Adults too often think themselves out of a goal...or they get complacent while enjoying life comfortably. How do I know this so well? I have seen it unfold over and over again in my life. Yep, me. I would set out a goal or a dream…think it through and see all of the obstacles and conclude that…things are good enough as is.

That is the poison of being comfortable. A goal is sacrificed, so we do not have to change or experience hardship.

Thankfully, my kids don’t have a sense of this yet. They are not worried about hardship. They are blind to the process, and it doesn’t phase them in the least. They see what they want and work like the dickens to make it a reality. It is beautiful to watch, and I miss having that be my default (I have to schedule focus time, believe it or not).

What I find so energizing to my children’s approach is that they surrender to the process. They set their mind and heart to something, and they march towards it. They are not thinking about the hardship involved, how many times they will fail, or how long it may take. Long story short…they don’t overthink it…they take action. All the while, they are at peace with the exploring, failing, learning, adjusting, and growing.

This is what surrendering to the process does: It brings the mind a measure of peace so it can get out of the way while we take action. It also allows the world to move in and fill in the gaps.

If you have a dream in your heart…

If you know, you can experience more…

If you know that you can create more…

Then it is time to start building the bridge to your dream. Stop thinking and over analyzing it…make a commitment and start marching.

That is how life works…the world only becomes magnetized when we take action. Life favors and responds to those who create out of their being.

Once you have set your sights and married yourself to the goal/dream, let go and surrender to the journey. Then put in the hard work. Remain open and flexible to what life gives you.

I liken this to a game of tetherball. Our intention is the ball. Our dream is the pole. Our commitment is the rope that ties the two together. This game cannot be won unless we hit that ball repeatedly. Life acts as our teammate or opposition moving the ball back and forth as it wraps around the pole (this is where we remain open and flexible). If your conviction and actions are strong enough, eventually, the ball and pole will meet.

What is your life are you tethered to? What dream is waiting to be dusted off and achieved?

Let’s mitigate overthinking and instead focus on taking creative action until we experience the dream.

Be well


Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

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