Too Busy to Arouse Your Soul

When you look at your day, how many times do you think or discuss how busy you are? I hear it every day. Sometimes it is me, and sometimes it is others.

“I am so busy.” 


“I have too much stuff to do.”

Or the worst of it:

“I never have any time for myself.”

What are we really saying here? There is a part of me that knows all too well what this really means. When my mind has clarity, I read it to mean this:

Being busy is a signal that you are doing the meaningless. The meaningless is hollow actions or actions that are mere distractions from a purpose.

When being busy hits my day where I feel overwhelmed, the voice in my heart whispers…“why are you wasting your time?” Or “Isn’t there something else more important you could be doing?”

These thoughts stink and are deeply frustrating…because I’m not too fond of The Meaningless Hollow.

There are two ways that I have found on how to handle these situations. The first one is a mere band-aid to silence the voice and the second one takes some deep work.

1. Focus squarely on the busy work as an artist painting a masterpiece. Take special care while wading in the drudgery. Think of a job well done. Think of the impact it may have on others. Overall, maintain integrity with the task. Get through it right and move on.

But when that one fails, as it inevitably does…

2. Find a quiet space outside with no distractions. Put away the phone. Sit or walk and allow your mind to unwind. While your mind jib jabs along, do not judge the output. Just let it run out…and it will (could take a while). From a settled state, ask:

“Why am I here?”


“How can I give my life in a meaningful way?”

These questions, the Big Ones, no one, and nothing can provide the answer to you. It would be best if you discovered these on our own. This is called the Hero’s Journey.

If you practice this, over time, you can cultivate a life of actions where you will always feel like you are right where you need to be. You will never feel busy…but you may always look busy. It is the path to purpose.

Those lucky enough to find the answer to “Why” they are here are full of life, fully present, while giving themselves completely to the moment. They don’t complain of too busy. They do. They are in a joyous state. Their life is their masterpiece.

Let’s work to become one of the joyous heroes. Drop the distracted, busy life in search of fleeting happiness. Build character within to listen to your heart and game plan with your mind.

Or are you simply too busy?

Be well


Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia via Unsplash

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