You Have Been Called

The whisper in our heart…the urging of our soul…the familiar voice that we drown out with life’s busyness and noise…Let’s give it a moment and tune in…

Have you ever stopped to think about how unique and special you are? The odds of you being you, alive now, come out to around 1 in 400 quadrillions (that is right, a 4 with seventeen zeros! This doesn’t even consider all the factors). When you take time to really think about these numbers (or all of the variables/decisions made to bring you to this exact moment), life can all seem very random and chaotic. For me, I cannot grasp too well odds over a million so let’s say that I feel lucky, privileged, and grateful to be here…and you should too. We should all feel special and valued when engaged with those thoughts.

You see, there has never been another one of you in this world. Never was there one, and never will there ever be another you to walk this earth. You are unique! No one else has thought your thoughts or walked in your shoes the same way you have. Also, no one else has a unique blend of traits and skills that you have. Your life experience is unique to you, and you alone…it will never be replicated or repeated. 

Let’s switch angles on this stream of thinking. Let’s get inspirational! You and I are not random. We were not brought into this world at the roll of dice as the odds would suggest. I believe that we all have a purpose and that we are here for specific reasons. You and I are not random, and the fact that we are still drawing breath indicates that we are needed.


“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, to have the life that is waiting for us. Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”.– Joseph Campbell.

You are needed in this world in a way that ONLY you can be

Similarly, you are not in this world to continually meet someone else’s ideas or expectations of you. When we chase other’s ideas and expectations, we are wasting our precious time.

This uniqueness that you are is what is needed to be developed and given to the world. Yes, our life is a gift, and we need to learn to give it.

What is that whisper within your heart? What is it saying? Have you listened to its urging? Have you followed it to see where it takes you? Within that voice, we find our authenticity and purpose. 

Our authenticity is our gift to the world. It is why we are here. When we develop this whisper into a strong voice, we begin to find our purpose. When we cultivate and live, our authenticity life fills in and shapes around us. 

Satisfaction/contentment in life comes from living out the voice in our heart and giving it to the world…giving it to others. 

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”– Joseph Campbell.

Who will we become if we fully develop the whisper into a loud, beautiful song? How will the world transform when we give this song freely? 

The world needs you to be you.

Staying in your comfort zone is a stagnant proposition. It is a waste. Stagnant water is dead water…water needs to flow. For things to flow, there needs to be an opening…and the opening in your heart. Listen to it….it knows the way.

You are good enough. You have a special uniqueness, and you have true value. The world needs you, or you wouldn’t be here (there are no mistakes). It is time for you to step up and start living your authenticity. 

Release the comfort of coasting along…be still and listen…move to the whisper…follow the whisper. As you seek the whisper, the voice will get stronger. Continue and follow it…it will get stronger and stronger…then; over time, you will recognize that this was your authentic voice all along and not the fear based voice in your mind.

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”– Joseph Campbell

You are needed, and you have been called! Live the life on your terms, give your authenticity to the world….and watch the magic happen….get rid of your distractions…get quiet and cultivate the whisper.

have been called….

Be Well


Photo by Katrim Hauf via Unsplash

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