Champion Dad's Vision

The “Be a Champion Dad” site nudges the reader on a journey of self-reflection. Our content is aimed at inspiring the reader to develop a resilient character, deep authentic relationships, an uncluttered mind, and strategies to be the best parent possible. Furthermore, it is our fundamental belief that anyone can take steps to regain control of their life, create favorable circumstances, and cultivate the life they envision in their hearts.

Listed below are the 5 contagious traits of what it means to be a Champion Dad (person). They are not listed in order of importance since all are equally important to aspire to. 

Leadership: A Champion Dad sets an example for his children (and everyone) to follow in such a way that it spreads to all those who he comes in contact with. As such, he makes everyone feel significant and important in every interaction. He looks for the best in others and his communication inspires trust. Humility, honesty, and integrity is his normal mode of operation. 

Confidence: A Champion Dad is able to take action without hesitation and will do what needs to be done in the moment. His confidence naturally rubs off on others as he is able to diffuse negativity around him. Criticism and feedback is seen as information only and not as an attack on character. His confidence is unshakable even in times of uncertainty. He owns who he is and has a strong positive self image. 

Gratitude: A Champion Dad says thank you. They are able to express sincere appreciation of others and is able to count their blessings often. As such, they create an environment where others become grateful. When things don’t seem to go their way they remain open minded and try to see the larger story being told. 

Regulation: A Champion Dad exercises control over self. They priotize the needs of the family over personal enjoyment, especially when the greater good is involved. They are able to create new habits for the expansion of self and others. They manage time effectively while balancing life’s many priorities. They manage finances and budgets responsibly. They naturally create a desire for self-discipline in others. 

Joy: Through their encouragement of others they have a positive impact on everyone they meet. They tend to be happy go lucky by nature and are willing to try new things to experience life fully. They are the rock, or the person called when things go wrong. They are able to endure hardships with a sense of playfulness. Their actions speak to a win, win, win (expansion of self, expansion of others, expansion of community).