In today’s world dads are becoming the most overlooked individual in society and strangely we are the most under spoken. We take on all that we can in all directions. We are dedicated husbands and fathers who work hard at keeping our jobs and keeping family life happy. We do all that we can; shoulder as much as we can and march on day after day after day. We carry on this way mostly in silence because that is what we believe we should do and must do. Over time we wear down, get beat up, and tire to a place of burn out.

Even though the pressure is great not all is lost. Can you handle all of your responsibilities and still create the life you hold in your heart?


This site was created for the dad who wants to be the best dad they can possibly be.

This site is about becoming the Champion Dad your kids already believe you are. (Queue up the Superman theme song)

A Champion Dad embodies virtue and character that he hopes their children will grow into. Champion Dads are role models for their family and their surrounding communities.

This site is also about being the best person, relative, friend, employee, citizen, competitor…..well you get the idea…the best “it” you can be.

Moreover, this site focuses on life strategy. Many of the posts will be directed at the individual in a pointed fashion. Other posts will be straight story telling. The reader’s aim should be to think about, try out, and see if the thoughts and ideas hold value. If they do GREAT! If they do not, no worries.

Everything that is presented here has been tested out. Nothing will be written that has not been personally experienced or that is not currently being worked on. With that being said our contributors are always free to update when more clarified wisdom comes their way. (Champion dads (parents) are adaptable and have a growth mindset)

Lastly, we don’t have an editor. So grammar might be off. Yet, we do strive to write good <ahem> well every single day.

Enjoy the posts, follow if you find value, and may you cultivate your dream life into reality.


Photo by Julianne Liebermann via Unsplash